Saturday, February 19, 2011

Science budget cuts are deja vu all over again

Haven't we seen the proposed federal budget cuts for science before?

Look back at this quote from the April 19, 1894, issue of Mining Industry and Tradesman (V. 13, #23, p. 200):

"One of the schemes of the parties who manipulate the so-called Geological Survey in Washington, is to abolish the Coast and Geodetic Survey, and let its work be done by the former, which is now directed, or as many believe, misdirected, by Major Powell. There are few real scientists in the country who believe such a move would be wise. The Coast and Geodetic Survey has been in existence for about eighty years, and has done very valuable work, which all the world of science recognizes. Nothing of the kind can be said for the Geological Survey, since it became a political machine under Major Powell's direction"

Thanks to Vince Matthews, Colorado State Geologist, for forwarding this quote.

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