Thursday, February 03, 2011

Seismic survey over Holbrook basin potash deposit announced

Passport Potash announced that a 50-mile long seismic survey is underway over the Holbrook potash deposit. The company's press release says "The results of the seismic survey will be used in evaluating geologic, stratigraphic and structural information for the Holbrook Basin, augmenting Passport's ability to assess of the predictability, thickness, and continuity of the potash horizon and the mapping of possible faults and other geologic structures within those units of primary interest. This information will be included and utilized in the NI 43-101 report being prepared by SRK Consulting." The location of the seismic line was not described but the entire potash deposit is only about 30-40 miles in its maximum extent, and the center of the deposit underlies Petrified Forest National Park where seismic lines would not be permitted. So the line might really be a grid of lines over the 70,000 acres of lands under lease to Passport.

Meanwhile, we updated our online potash viewer [right] that shows all the permitted core holes in the mineral play. The wells are permitted by the AZ Oil and Gas Conservation Commission (managed by AZGS) because they drill through zones of potential helium and CO2 resources, that are regulated by the Commission. The viewer shows 9 new permit locations filed by HNZ Potash (along the southernmost extent of the deposit).

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