Monday, February 28, 2011

Geothermal energy use on campuses

A new national report on campus use of geothermal energy includes a ground source heat pump system at Arizona's Yavapai College and earth-sheltered buildings at ASU and UA.

"Going Underground on Campus features examples from more than 160 campuses in 42 states, examining ground-source heat pumps, direct geothermal, aquifer and lake-based, geothermal electricity, and earth-sheltered buildings."

"This guide finds that energy savings over conventional heating and cooling systems on campus range from 50-75% for ground-source heat pumps, 30-40% for earth-sheltered buildings, and even more for direct use geothermal (which can also cover electricity)."

Ref: Going Underground On Campus: Tapping the Earth for Clean, Efficient Sources of Heating and Cooling, By Stan Cross, David J. Eagan, and Paul Tolme, National Wildlife Federation, 74p, February, 2011.

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