Thursday, March 24, 2011

Arizona company sold out of Geiger counters

Prescott-based Mineralab, which operates the mail order site, reported last week that they are completely sold out of Geiger counters due to the crisis in Japan, and are not taking any more orders until further notice. They warn customers that it may be weeks to months before all existing orders can be filled.

The company website shows models ranging from $259 pocket models to top of the line versions at $1195. The "Prospector" model at right retails for $979.

AZGS continues to get inquiries about the dangers of radiation from the Fukushima nuclear plants and we are referring people to the Centers for Disease Control web site for detailed information. Everything we've seen shows that the radiation levels detected in the U.S. are comparable to levels we routinely experience from other sources and are well below those that will cause health problems.

Thanks to Larry Fellows for the link.

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