Tuesday, March 22, 2011

National Phenology Network - taking the pulse of the planet

How many of us know that we have a National Phenology Network or that is it headquartered here in Tucson?

The NPN web site informs us that "Phenology refers to recurring plant and animal life cycle stages, or phenophases, such as leafing and flowering, maturation of agricultural plants, emergence of insects, and migration of birds."

The USGS has published a new fact sheet on the NPN:
"The Network is a consortium of organizations and individuals that collect, share, and use phenology data, models, and related information to enable scientists, resource managers, and the public to adapt in response to changing climates and environments. In addition, the Network encourages people of all ages and backgrounds to observe and record phenology as a way to discover and explore the nature and pace of our dynamic world"

Actually, we know the NPN well, with one of our former staff members coming from the program and ongoing discussions about sharing data integration techniques.

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