Wednesday, March 30, 2011

GeoDaze offer 70 presentations at UA

GeoDaze 2011, the 39th Annual Geosciences Symposium gets underway on March 31, with 70 technical presentations over two days. The event is organized by Geoscience Dept. grad students with financial support from a variety of private donors.

In addition, to an incredible scientific program, they are hosting Jorge Cham, creator of PhD Comics, one of my favorites.

On Saturday, AZGS's Charles Ferguson, is leading a field trip to the Santa Rita Mountains "to examine and discuss new mapping near the Sawmill Canyon fault zone. This prominent strike-slip feature is thought to consist of two fault strands separated by a 1-3km wide septum of strongly folded Mesozoic sedimentary rocks. Charles is going to propose that one of the fault strands is actually a buttress unconformity, which has major implications for the age of many rocks in the Santa Rita Mountains and Mesozoic-Tertiary tectonics in SE Arizona."

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