Thursday, March 03, 2011

Arizona ranked 5th in US, 25th in world by mining companies

The annual survey of 3,000 exploration, development, and mining-related companies from around the world by the Fraser Institute ranks Arizona as the 5th most hospitable policy climate for mining in the US, after Nevada (#2), Utah (#6), Wyoming (#10), and Alaska (#21). Arizona ranks 25th worldwide, the same ranking as last year, but the state's performance increased slightly over last year, but still down substantially from 2007-8, when Arizona ranked 14th.

Arizona scored higher in favorable tax structure, infrastructure, community development, trade barriers, and very highly in labor relations and labor supply.

Arizona ranked 23rd in "Geological database (includes quality and scale of maps, ease of access to information, etc.)" after Utah, Nevada, and New Mexico. It's an area AZGS is investing in heavily.

Alberta ranked #1 of the 79 jurisdictions reviewed.

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