Monday, March 07, 2011

Bill Chenowith - a human Google of the Colorado Plateau

Geologist Bill Chenoweth is legendary across the Southwest, especially to everyone who's ever been involved with uranium, regardless of whether you regulate, study, or explore for it. There is a wonderful profile of Bill in yesterday's Grand Junction Daily Sentinel. He's also credited with being the foundation of Radiation Exposure Compensation Program for the Department of Justice, which has paid out $1.5 billion in claims to miners and down-winders.

Writer Dennis Webb offers that "Chenoweth was the Google of the Colorado Plateau before search engines were even the stuff of dreams."

Bill's authored reports for state geological surveys across the region, including for AZGS in 1994, "GEOLOGY AND PRODUCTION HISTORY OF THE FERN NO.1 URANIUM MINE
NAVAJO COUNTY, ARIZONA" and "1 Uranium-Vanadium Mine, Apache County, Arizona" in 2003.

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