Friday, February 22, 2013

More resources on US89 Bitter Spring landslide in Echo Cliffs

ADOT posted a 15-second aerial video on their Facebook page, taken along highway US89 in the Echo Cliffs showing the extent of the Bitter Spring landslide that occurred Wednesday.  The slide comes into view at about 7 seconds, and shows the extent of the slide below the road.

Dave Petley has a good compilation of the current online resources about this event on his Landslide blog.

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  1. In UTAH, the county school district is censoring this image -- but the Landslide blog itself is not censored.

    The web filter runs in a kind of daft "Kangaroo Court" way that is just plain counterproductive.

    is about the only way to contact the tech department.

    The corruptly or poorly run web filter can be found here :