Thursday, February 21, 2013

News and blog reports on Bitter Spring landslide

 Yesterday's landslide on US89 south of Page, near the village of Bitter Spring, captured a lot of news coverage, some of it with sensationalist headlines, such as "2 cars ensnared in sinkhole.."   [see video below]

Wayne Ranney has an extensive blog post with excellent photo interpretation of the event at Earthly Musings.


  1. Hi Lee

    Thanks for posting this—just wanted to make it clear that the early news bulletins had the sensationalist and mistaken headlines, but not the one you posted here. I think Kim Covington got the main ideas right after a little geology 101 (and she certainly was a very professional interviewer)


  2. Thanks for clarifying that Steve. When I went to their website, the "2 cars ensnared in sinkhole" was still showing as the headline. Perhaps they updated it.