Thursday, February 28, 2013

We felt the boom in Tucson

Last night my wife and I were finishing dinner around 7:45 when we heard a  prominent "boom."  We thought something hit the house - the javelina nose up around the doors occasionally and knock things over.    Perhaps a sudden gust of wind tipped over patio furniture?     But a tour around outside found nothing.     

This morning, the newspaper says there were reports from all over the west side of Tucson (we live in the Tucson Mtns, about 4 miles west of downtown) of the boom and no obvious explanation for it.  Speculation is that it was a sonic boom.  


  1. Anonymous10:05 AM

    We live on the far east side of Tucson, almost the end of Broadway and the "boom" was heard and felt here as well. First thought was that something had hit the house.

  2. Anonymous11:32 AM

    I live at Twin Peaks & I10 and felt it there

  3. Anonymous1:40 PM

    I know what it was but I'm not going to tell you because you will poop your pants all I have to say is pray repent and get baptized

  4. Anonymous12:45 PM

    We just had one a few months ago up in N. Az too.

    article written up in " the Noise" last month.

    Never tracked down the cause.

    they said sonic booms are to be tracked from Nevada !