Monday, May 11, 2009

Big budget increases for USGS Geography, Global Change

AGU is circulating more details on the Administration's fiscal 2010 budget for the USGS which includes an overall $54 million increase (5.2%) to $1.1 billion. That alone is significant. Too often in recent years, the USGS is struggling just to hold on to existing programs and budgets.

Two items are especially noteworthy:

The proposed budget for Geography is nearly doubled - Geographic Research, Investigations, and Remote Sensing: $143.9M or 99% increase.

Global Change would get $58.18M, a 43.5% increase. A "national assessment of the geological storage capacity for carbon sequestration" will be launched.

A few other increases:
  • $649M in R&D spending, 6.2% increase
  • Geologic Hazards, Resource, and Processes: $247M, 2% increase
  • Water Resources Investigations: $227.9M, 2.9% increase

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