Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Settlement reported on old mine clean-up in Arizona

Arizona Capitol Times is reporting that Asarco and the State of Arizona have reached agreement for a $20 million clean-up of the Sacaton open pit copper mine near Casa Grande, and for a $3 million clean up of the Salero and Trench mines near Patagonia. The deal is subject to approval of the judge handling the Asarco bankruptcy. They report that Asarco "will also provide about $4 million for the restoration and maintenance of three parcels of land located along a four-mile stretch of the Lower San Pedro River, in order to safeguard water resources and protect wildlife in the area." [right, Sacaton pit. Photo by Harvey Jong. Credit, AZ Mining and Mineral Foundation]

ACT says the settlements were part of an "agreement involving ASARCO, ADEQ, the State Land Department, the Game and Fish Department, state Attorney General's Office, and the U.S. Departments of Justice and the Interior."

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  1. I recently flew over this copper mine near Casa Grande and took some fabulous pictures of it. Thanks to you, I was able to figure out what it was. Would you like the pictures I took of it?