Monday, May 18, 2009

Geosciences do well in NSF budget proposal

The budget for Earth Sciences in NSF will increase by 9.3% to $197M in the NSF budget proposal unveiled this morning. The Atmospheric and Geospace division will get $269M, up 10%. Thanks to AGU for forwarding these details as part of their AGU Science Legislative Alerts (ASLA):

Total NSF budget: $7.045B, +$555M or 8.5%
Total R&D spending: $5.312B, +455M or 9.4%
Basic & applied research: $4.9B, +455M or 10.2%
Climate Change Science Program (CCSP): $300M, +$80M or 36.4%

* Atmospheric and Geospace Sciences: $269.16M, +$24.56M or ten
percent (Key investments include "$12M to support new Climate Research
activity, with emphasis on advanced computation and modeling".)
o Research & Education Grants: $259.36M, +$24.76M or 10.6%
o Instrumentation: $31M, +1.38M or 4.7%
o Science & Technology Centers: $6.8M, -$1.2M or -15%
o National Astronomy and Ionosphere Center: $3M, +$1M or 50%
o National Center for Atmospheric Research: $100M, -$6.92M or -6.5%

* Earth Sciences: $196.85M, +15.85M or 9.3 percent (key investments
include $7M to NSF's new Climate Research activity; $35K will be added
to CAREER awards bring the total to $4.3M)
o Research and Education Grants: $ 183.86M, +$19.12M or 11.6%
o Instrumentation: $25.84M, +$2.24M or 9.5%
o Science and Technology Centers: $2.99M, -3.27M or -52.2%
o IRIS: $12.36M, +0.36M or 3%
o EarthScope: $25.05M, +$0.74M or 3%

* Integrative and Collaborative Education and Research: $93.92M,
+32.75M or 53.5 percent (supports novel, complex, or partnership projects
in both research and education. The "principle goals are to develop
innovative means to initiate and support geoscience education [and] attract
underrepresented groups to careers in the geosciences.")
o Research and Education Grants: $91.92M, +$32.21M or 53.9%
o Facilities (Ship Operations): $2M (no change)

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