Saturday, May 09, 2009

M 3.1 earthquake in central Arizona

An M3.1 earthquake was recorded in central Arizona last night about 11:07 pm between Phoenix and Prescott, about 10 miles north of Black Canyon City.

Ramon Arrowsmith at ASU posted the initial report on this. He's asked for anyone who felt this quake to let him know. Ramon comments that earthquakes are rare in this region and there are no mapped faults in the area.

[right, location map with historical seismicity. Credit, Ramon Arrowsmith, ASU]

The seismogram above is from station X16A near Pine, AZ. The M3.1 event can be seen just right of the 6:00 time marker (about 6:07 GMT)


  1. My family and I were outside on our patio when we heard a distant rumbling. As the sound came closer we felt the earth move beneath our feet. It didn't last long but it scared us enough that we ran into the house and began our search on the internet to see if it was recorded. We were finally able to find a reading on the Earthquake the next morning and were very surprised to find it was a 3.1. I'm really surprised we didn't even hear of this incident on the news the next day.

  2. Anonymous10:52 PM

    I was in bed and felt my bed shaking but thought I must have had a dream because this is not an experience we have had in BCC in the 11 years I have been here until the last couple of months. My husband laughed when I told him and was happy to find that it was not my imagination and that others felt the same.

    I agree with Monica about it not being on the news but have also found that things like this that take place in BCC do not make the news.

  3. Here in Scottsdale, I too was woke up at 10:39 pm last night when the bed was swaying back and forth. Thought maybe it was my imagination, until I found this web site.

  4. Anonymous11:39 AM

    In Supai, the indian reservation on the bottom of the Grand Canyon, I felt my bed shaking but wasn't sure what it was from. We had a flash flood the other night and thought maybe another was coming through.

  5. Anonymous6:20 PM

    I was just lying down and in bed and I felt my whole bed shake a lot. I live at Warner and 48th street. I felt it for sure. This is not the first one that I have felt. Cherie