Thursday, May 14, 2009

Geology prominent among Arizona book awards

Kartchner Caverns by Neil Miller was named 'Best Book' from the Arizona Book Publishers Association at their annual awards dinner the other night.

It was one of three geology-themed books to get awards. In addition, the Grand Canyon Association was singled out for a special award for Excellence in Publishing. [right, Wayne Ranney, whose books received three awards, and Helen Thompson from GCA. Photo from Wayne's blog site, Earthly Musings. Wayne claims that he really did wear the tux - it's not photoshopped in]

The full list of awards is at the ABA site, but the geology-related winners are below:

Best Book

Kartchner Caverns
Neil Miller
The University of Arizona Press

Coffee Table, Large Format & Nature/Environment
Images: Jack Dykinga’s Grand Canyon
Jack Dykinga/Charles Bowden/Wayne Ranney
Arizona Highways

Ancient Landscapes of the Colorado Plateau
Ron Blakey/Wayne Ranney
Grand Canyon Association

Special Awards:
Excellence in Publishing

Grand Canyon Association

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  1. Thanks for posting this Lee. Just doing my part to keep geology in the forefront of everyone's minds! It really was a big night for the geosciences.