Friday, May 08, 2009

Geoscience employment by state

AGI's released another fascinating fact sheet on the geoscience profession, showing employment by state.

Arizona falls in the middle range by having 2% of the total workforce in science and engineering. The leading states are in the 3% range.

The big variations are in the states with the highest geoscience employment as a percentage of total S&E employment.

The top state is Wyoming with 41% - all those geologists in the oil and mining industries no doubt.

Most of the top states are Western energy-mining centers but New York is at the 3rd spot with 29%. Can anyone explain that one?

Arizona falls in one of the lower ranks with 6-10% of S&E jobs in the geosciences.

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  1. It looks like New York has a surprisingly small number of scientists employed in the state. (California, on the other hand, must have a lot of other scientists.) I wonder why not?