Sunday, November 18, 2012

AZGS passes budget milestone

In updating the Fiscal Year 2013 budget for AZGS, we now project that it will pass $10 million for the first time ever.  Most of the funding is from contracts and grants (about 85% of the total budget).  State General Funds (8.4%), publication sales, and carry-forward from the past year, make up the balance.

About $5.5 million of the budget will go to state geological surveys and a few universities in 45 states, as part of the DOE-funded National Geothermal Data System project that AZGS manages.

AZGS is becoming more self-supporting in response to declining state funding and our increased competitiveness in winning applied science projects from a growing array of funding sources.  The outside funds are allowing us to maintain the level of services as before the recession despite our taking a roughly effective 45% reduction in State funding, and merger of the Dept. of Mining and Mineral Resources, with no funding for that.

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