Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Doug Shakel 1938-2012

We're sorry to report that Doug Shakel, well-known Tucson geologist, passed away last night as a result of a very aggressive cancer.

Doug was a long-time professor of geology at Pima Community College, who spoke out frankly about geologic issues in the region, not afraid of whose toes might be stepped on (eg, "Twenty Years Later - Have county actions since the 1983 flood made Pima County safer?" )

Doug retired a number of years ago but stayed active in the profession, most recently as Vice President for Field Trips for the Arizona Geological Society.  [Right, Doug - top center with sunglasses - leading an AGS field trip to Hardshell - Red Mountain, Oct. 2009.  Credit, Cori Hoag]

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  1. Anonymous2:34 PM

    How truly sad, Doug will be greatly missed. I so respected Doug because of ability to genuinely consider the data on both sides of an issue and take a stand, whether or not it agreed with the majority. After I first met Doug, I found he had rough exterior but a kind heart of gold, a gentle soul, and the ability to make life enjoyable by seeing the humor in everyday occurrences. Rest in Peace Doug.
    -Your Former Pima Student, friend, and practicing Geologist