Friday, November 30, 2012

Landscape Evolution Observatory commissioned at Biosphere2

The University of Arizona is formally commissioning the new $6 million Landscape Evolution Observatory (LEO) during a two-day program at Biosphere2 north of Tucson in the Catalina Mountain foothills.  The concept of LEO is that "Scientists plan to study how water moves through mountain landscapes and how ecology and landscapes co-evolve in these unprecedented, one-million-kilogram experimental structures."

Panel discussions are underway today with leading scientists and science policy experts from around the world on how to take best advantage of this cutting-edge facility and develop a sustainable business model.  

There are interesting opportunities being presented on leveraging the Biosphere2 and LEO resources for local K-12 education, college level training for students from across the country, and how the facilities fit in with rapidly developing international programs in sustainability.

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  1. It is good for environment that the landscaping services are dealing more on Eco friendly reform.