Sunday, January 22, 2012

Arizona copper production down slightly in 2010, but value and jobs increase

The Arizona Mining Association has released the latest annual economic analysis of the copper industry in Arizona, covering 2010. [Right, electrowinning facility at Freeport's Morenci mine. Credit, Larry Fellows]

LinkSome key results:

Arizona produced 797,408 tons of copper and byproduct minerals (down 2% from 2009), accounting for 63% of the copper mined in the U.S., with a total value of $6.034 billion (that's an increase of 42% over 2009)

The total direct economic impact of Arizona's copper production was $3.676 billion, including $194.4 million in taxes and fees to state and local governments (up 28% over 2009), $2.512 billion in services and products purchased (up 19% from 2009), and $970 million in income (up 26% over 2009) to 10,400 Arizona employees.

The combine direct and indirect economic contributions for 2010 exceeded $12.1 billion (up 31%).

The study was prepared for the AMA by Dr. George F. Leaming of the Western Economic Analysis Center, in Marana, AZ.

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