Monday, January 16, 2012

Multi-part podcasts on Arizona copper

Arizona Public Media broadcast a 5-part series on Copper at the Crossroads, that is posted online, with podcasts, slide shows, and links to other reports. There is a particular focus on the Rosemont copper mine proposal.

Part 1: The Miracle Metal
-- The history of copper mining in Arizona, from underground mines to vast open pit operations.

Part 2: To Dig or Not to Dig? -- The debate over the open-pit copper mine that Rosemont Copper wants to build near Tucson.

Part 3: 'That Mine Was My Mother' -- Meet Onofre Tafoya, who worked for years at the San Manuel Underground Mine.

Part 4: Some Thrived, Some Died -- The history of Arizona's copper mining towns.

Part 5: Arizona's Toxic Town - A visit to Hayden, Ariz., one of America's most toxic towns.

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