Saturday, January 28, 2012

Tucson gem show photo of the day: Standing her ground

What's a kid going to do? Mom and Dad are looking at really boring rocks and the playground has been taken over by a bunch of pesky dinosaurs (no doubt they're all dumb boys to boot).

She didn't back down, even when the animated dino opened its mouth, rocked back and forth, and roared loudly.

[Right, shot today at the Tucson City Center Hotel - formerly InnSuites]

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  1. Anonymous11:53 AM

    We must have crossed paths as I was at the former Inn Suites yesterday. I really got a kick out of that roaring dino and there was an older woman asking her "very "young grandson the names of the various dinosaurs, There was a group of about 5 children the time I crossed over the play area. That dino would be great in any museum in this country. I was fascinated!! I remember seeing this particular child.