Friday, January 06, 2012

Some Lake Mead seismic activity due to quarry blasts

Some of the events recorded on seismographs as earthquakes around or under Lake Mead, were likely blasts from quarries in the region. AZGS seismologist Lisa Linville confirmed this in discussions with colleagues at the Nevada Seismological Lab in Reno. Despite this, has there been increased activity around the lake during the past spring and summer, as the lake filled at a record rate due to snowpack melt and releases from Lake Powell upstream? That will require more detailed analysis.

The map at right was compiled by AZGS for a review of seismicity in the Hualapai Valley but it shows historical earthquakes around Lake Mead, 1852-2011.

The Las Vegas Sun has an excellent article discussing the situation.

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  1. Hi Lee,

    I've been to Lake Mead last year and it was a total blast. I get to do some water sports activities also like jet skiing and boating with my friends.

    Sadly, as you have posted I also able to experience the earthquake there. I've never experienced that strong earthquake and that frequent but since there's no tall buildings, I think it is safer than the city.