Saturday, January 28, 2012

New bills in Arizona legislature

HB2701 Disaster Response: adds mining and industrial accidents to definition, and makes other changes

"Disaster recovery" means the recovery and mitigation activities necessary to recover from disasters after an initial emergency response, within the state caused by air pollution, fire, flood or floodwater, storm, epidemic, riot, earthquake, mining or industrial accident or other causes, except those resulting in a state of war emergency, that are beyond the control of the services, personnel, equipment and facilities of a single county, city or town and that require the combined efforts of the state and the political subdivision.

SB1351 Flood control districts and mining
Broadens exemption of districts to control tailings and waste dams, to cover all mining operations.

SB1403 Creation of Digital Arizona Infrastructure Office

SB1417 Long-term CAP storage credits for mining operations

SB1418 State primacy over Clean Water Act section 404

SCR1019 "Supporting Navajo Generating Station emissions standards that balance clean air needs with state and tribal water, employment and economic needs."

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