Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Backlash on Interior appointment

A colleague in Colorado forwarded a link to the Tucson Citizen op-ed blog about the apparent appointment of Sen. Ken Salazar to Interior Secretary instead of Tucson's Raul Grijalva, with the subject title, "Looks like there are some sore losers in Tucson."

The post by Opinin Editor Billie Stanton, said among other things, "A take-no-prisoners purist, Grijalva would have firmly laid down the law with all the forces of greed that have overrun our parks, national monuments and wilderness areas during the entire rotten reign of the Bush administration."

Stanton conceded that Salazar is a decent and likeable leader, but lamented that he is likely to be more conciliatory and willing to negotiate with extractive industries like mining and energy.

[right, Rep. Grijalva, center with arms folded, hosting a climate change discussion in Tucson]

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