Friday, December 05, 2008

Transition teams to review state agencies

Secretary of State Jan Brewer's transition team will start work next week with groups looking at 6 issue areas in preparation for her becoming governor of Arizona once Gov. Napolitano is confirmed as Sec. of DHS by Congress.

The transition's Natural Resources, Environment & Infrastructure group, headed by Lisa Atkins with Greater Phoenix Leadership, is the likeliest one to review the Arizona Geological Survey and our sister agencies.

Gov. Napolitano's office advised us to expect requests for information from the transition team as early as the beginning of the week.

Sec. Brewer's transition Website lists all the members of the transition team, and invites the public to submit priorities and suggestions for budget savings. [I saw a report this morning that the Arizona state budget will be short by 24%, the largest shortfall, percentage-wise, in the nation.]

The governor-to-be also invites suggestions by contacting the transition team office at 602-542-3438 or emailing them at You can also write to:

Jan Brewer's Gubernatorial Transition Office

1700 West Washington, Third Floor

Phoenix, AZ 85003

Besides the regular Web page stuff, the transition site includes videos of the soon-to-be governor, in the "Brew Tube," a Twitter link to the transition process, and a Facebook link to Sec. Brewer.

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