Monday, December 29, 2008

Interactive map of Arizona seismic stations

Our webmaster Dominique Villela, set up an interactive page today showing the newly acquired network of broadband seismometers for Arizona.

A partnership of AZGS, ASU, NAU, and UA is taking control of 8 of the 58 stations installed by EarthScope as part of the USArray deployment. The stations were here for two years, but are being moved out as the network rolls eastward. Our team of seismologists from the four institutions chose stations that fill gaps in monitoring seismicity, have proven to be high quality recording sites, and where the landowners agreed to permanent installations.

EarthScope will continue to record, process, and store the data from the Arizona network. The new web page offers links to the EarthScope sites for each station.

The network is expected to provide substantial new information about earthquake hazards in Arizona plus an enhanced capacity to understand the crust under the state as teleseisms from major quakes around the world pass through the area.

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