Thursday, December 18, 2008

Geobloggers gather at AGU

Kim (“All of my faults are stress-related”), spotted me before I spotted her and a half dozen other geobloggers at the Thirsty Bear Brewpub last night, just a block down the street from the Moscone Center. The place was wall-to-wall geo-types with a just a few of the local business-suite types looking out of place.

Randy Showstack, senior writer for AGU’s EOS newspaper, had stopped by earlier, and together we were pushing through the crowd trying to figure out which bunch of jeans and hiking boot-clad fashionistas was our group.

Seven of us joined up last night– a half dozen others had commitments elsewhere – and after a couple minutes of introductions both of names and our blogs, we were a gathering of old friends who anyone would think meet up annually at the conference. [left to right: Ron Schott- Geology Home Companion; Julian - Harmonic Tremors; Dave Schumaker- Geology News; Kim Hannula - All of my faults are stress related; me; David Williams - Stories in Stone; and Randy, AGU-EOS. Not shown is Jay De Lanoy who has a new blog. Ron's much better picture is at his blog.]

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