Monday, December 22, 2008

Earth and planetary sciences dominate UA top 10 achievements for 2008

The University of Arizona's top 10 achievements for 2008 includes four accomplishments from the Earth and planetary science fields:

8. HiRISE Photographs Phoenix

The UA's powerful HiRISE camera, in low-altitude orbit over Mars, sends back stunning close-up images of the Martian terrain, including spectacular shots of the Phoenix Lander itself during and after its perilous landing on Mars. more >

[right, complex crater in Arabia Terra, HiRISE camera. Credit, NASA/JPL/UA]

7. Taking Mining to the 21st Century

Science Foundation Arizona and mining industry leaders choose the UA College of Engineering to become a world leader in advancing health, safety and environmental mining practices. more >

6. LBT First Light

The UA and its partners complete construction and begin operation of the world's most powerful telescope, the Large Binocular Telescope, atop southeastern Arizona's Mt. Graham. more >

1. Phoenix Mars Mission

The UA-led Phoenix Mars Mission makes a safe landing and astounding discoveries of water ice, intriguing soil composition and a subtly active atmosphere in a thrilling and historic five-month exploration of Martian surface. more >

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