Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Ride Phoenix light rail to "Explore Arizona"

Arizona's new light rail stops just a few feet from the AZGS-BLM "Explore Arizona" map/bookstore and outdoor information center in downtown Phoenix.

Get off at either Jefferson/1st St. or Washington/3rd St. "Explore Arizona" is on 1st St., just north of Washington. Hours are 9am - 6pm, M-F. The store carries a full range of AZGS and AZ Geological Society publications, plus reports from a large number of other state and federal agencies. We have official USGS topo maps for all of Arizona but most are stored offsite, so it's best to call ahead 602-417-9300.

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  1. Anonymous10:30 AM

    Lee---We rode the Light Rail yesterday and visited the Explore Arizona store. The store is great and there are so many interesting maps and books. It's nice to have quicker access to AZGS and other geology publications. I made a few purchases but also am glad to find the location for future use. The Light Rail was a fun experience also. There have been a lot of changes to downtown Phoenix!

    Barb Murphy