Saturday, December 20, 2008

Highway 87 landslide moving

ADOT advised us on Friday that the landslide that closed State Route 87 between Phoenix and Payson last March for 6 days, is moving. AZGS and ADOT have been cooperating since the initial event to try to understand the feature better in order to mitigate its impact on the highway. The steel barriers buried at the base of the slope have shown some continuing deflection, but engineers noted a bulge in the slope above the road following last weeks storm that raises concerns about possible larger movement. [right, slide mass on March 22, 2008. Credit, ADOT]

Update 12-22-08: the photo at right shows the steel beams being buried at the base of the slope last May to form a barrier to the slide. The beams were emplaced below the projected slide plane based on drill holes. Reports are that the beams have been bent roadward due to movement/pressure from the slide mass.

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