Sunday, December 28, 2008

Collapsible Soils in Colorado

The Colorado Geological Survey has published another in their engineering geology series that is not only a great resource for the citizens of that state, but will be of value to many of us with similar problems.

"Collapsible Soils of Colorado" by Jonathan White and Celia Greenman, is #14 in the CGS Engineering Geology series. Its 108 pages cover the basics of what collapsible soils are, their properties, and geomorphology before describing collapsible soils and susceptible areas around the state. There are extensive sections on geological and geotechnical investigations, mitigation techniques, and how homeowners can reduce risk. Much of what is in here can be applied to Arizona and other areas with collapsible soils.

The CGS has an admirable track record in these publications. Their guide to swelling soils is a best-seller by any standard. Kudos to Vince Matthews and his team.

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