Saturday, April 10, 2010

AGU geohazards blog

The American Geophysical Union's new blog on Geohazards - Science for Society, was launched after the January earthquake in Haiti to foster discussion how to adhere to the society's mission as “a worldwide scientific community that advances, through unselfish cooperation in research, an understanding of Earth and space that is used for the benefit of humanity.”

AGU's Education Manager, Ines Cifuentes, is Chilean and woke up the day after the January quake realizing that  "a critical step in our scientific process is missing.  We collectively lack the ability to get what we know into the hands of those who need it and in a form that they can understand and use. So here’s the key question: What can Earth scientists in general and AGU in particular do to better communicate what we know to governments, civil defense officials, engineers, architects, international aid organizations, and the public?"

Hers was the first post in the Geohazards blog

AGU also hosts a blog called "The Plainspoken Scientist" that covers the topic of communicating science.

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