Friday, April 02, 2010

Legislation would put Mining and Mineral Museum in Centennial Museum

The Arizona Mining and Mineral Museum will be moved into the proposed Centennial Museum and transferred to the Arizona Historical Society under a strike-everything bill amended in the Arizona Legislature today.  HB2251 moves the museum and building from the Arizona Dept. of Mines and Mineral Resources to become the Centennial Museum in AHS.  

The bill will have a hearing in the Senate Committee on Natural Resources, Infrastructure and Public Debt, at 1:30 pm, Monday, April 5 in Phoenix.

Supporters of the AMMM have been lobbying hard to preserve the role of the mining and mineral exhibits and education programs so they won't get diminished or lost among the other four "C"s (besides Copper) to be showcased in the new museum.

The bill creates a "Centennial and Mining and Mineral Museum Advisory Council" that allocates 2 seats for each of the five "C"s but adds the Executive Director and Board Chair of ADMMR along with others in natural resource education.

The bill also reiterates that ADMMR will maintain a repository of mining and mineral related documents.

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