Friday, April 16, 2010

Arizona up slightly in mining industry assessment

Arizona is viewed as generally supportive of mining or at least not creating too many deterents, in an annual survey of mining company executives. Arizona ranks 25th out of 72 jurisdictions worldwide, up from 27th last year, but down noticeably from 14th position in 2007-8.    Four other states are ranked higher - Nevada, Alaska, Utah, and Wyoming.  The highest ranked area is the Canadian province of Quebec.  Lowest ranked among the group is Venezuela.

One factor they track (p.80) is "Quality of geological data base (includes quality and scale of maps, ease of access to information, etc.)"   83% of respondents gave Arizona the top two ratings in this category.  Colorado, New Mexico, and Utah had slightly higher numbers but the percentage who gave them 1's was less than for Arizona.

The Canada-based "Fraser Institute has conducted an annual survey of metal mining and exploration companies to assess how mineral endowments and public policy factors such as taxation and regulation affect exploration investment. Survey results represent the opinions of executives and exploration managers in mining and mining consulting companies operating around the world."

"The survey now includes data on 72 jurisdictions around the world, on every continent except Antarctica, including sub-national jurisdictions in Canada, Australia, and the United States."

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