Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Mineral museum bill passes Senate

The bill to transfer the Arizona Mining & Mineral Museum to the Historical Society to become the Centennial Museum, HB2251,  passed the Arizona Senate yesterday with a number of changes, some of which appear to be unintentional.

But the Legislature is planning on adjourning as early as Thursday, leaving a large number of bills in limbo. So it's unclear to me if the bill can get through the House in time, or if the needed changes can be made before sine die.

A floor amendment from Sen. Sylvia Allen was adopted that transfers the AZ Dept of Mines & Mineral Resources budget for the museum to the Arizona Historical Society but only to cover the cost of one curator and not the rent.  The rent cost is assigned to the Dept of Administration but they are given no funding to cover it.   

Opponents of the bill also criticize the provision that allows the mineral museum curator to be anyone with a museum background but not requiring expertise in minerals.

An advisory subcommittee would be established with members of the ADMMR board but the Board would lose the ability to hire and fire the ADMMR director. That power would go to the governor.

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