Monday, April 05, 2010

Baja quake generates amazing dust clouds

 Amateur video captured these dust clouds from the highway south of Mexicali following the Easter Sunday earthquake along the Laguna Salada fault.    Hobart and his team at suggest they were caused by landslides triggered during the quake.


  1. All of last week, a group of us from USGS and Buffalo State College were collecting fossil packrat middens near the mouth of Guadalupe Canyon along the eastern piedmont of the Sierra Juarez,on the west side of the salt basin Laguna Salada and about 40 km east of where this video was taken. We drove home to Tucson on Friday morning, so we missed the earthquake (probably a good thing). My guess from watching the video is that the dust cloud originated from the Laguna Salada and is settling over what looks like the Sierra Cucapa. Laguna Salada is just a few km east of the Sierra Cucapa. Julio Betancourt, USGS 4/6/2010

  2. Anonymous5:55 PM

    Wow! We were on a Green Tortoise tour and were in Ensenada on Easter Sunday afternoon. None of us felt anything, thankfully. Incredible video here!
    Green Tortoise Rider