Saturday, April 24, 2010

Over 3,000 aftershocks from Baja quake; renamed El Mayor-Cucapah

The Southern California Seismic Network's latest update on the Easter Sunday M7.2 earthquake list at least 3,000 aftershocks, with 758 having a magnitude 3.0 or higher (as of April 12).

They also report that the organizations involved in researching the quake have officially named it the El Mayor - Cucapah Earthquake, after processing  "data that showed a trend along the face of the Sierra Cucapah Mountains, north of the Sierra El Mayor mountain range, near where the mainshock was originally located."

Meanwhile, the Yuma Sun reports that the quake destroyed nearly 150 homes around the town of San Luis Rio Colorado, Sonora.   The number of injured is listed as 233 with 2 dead.

The Southern California Earthquake Center has posted a 3D simulation [right, screen shot of the movie simulation] of the main shock ground motion at

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